Steelplus was founded on October 23th, 1998.
The first activity consisted of trading flat steel products.

Steelplus imported its first container of plywood from Brazil in january 2000.
In 2005 our turnover in plywood was above 5.000.000 €.
In 2007 the turnover was above 10.000.000 € !

Since then we stopped with the steelactivity and we started focusing mainly on selling plywood.
We buy our plywood in different countries all over the world, so that we anticipate the needs of our customers.

We have highly qualified and skilled people who visit different factories regularly for quality check-ups.

We are always looking for new possibilities and new factories so that we can be even more responsive to the needs of our customers.

We keep a large number of plywood in storage in Antwerp and Stettin. This way we can deliver almost instantly.

Since 2008 we founded a new company called WOODPLUS BVBA to make a difference between oursales in France and in Poland.

WOODPLUS sells by means of our commercial office BOISPLUS on the French market.
STEELPLUS sells by means of our commercial office SKLEJKAPLUS on the Polish market.

Tel: +32 3 464 10 63